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Friends, I am getting lots of questions on traveling to the Himalayas these days as the covid impact is reducing in India. Many states have either removed the restrictions completely or relaxed a lot for trouble-free travel.

So questions like if I can go to Ladakh or Spiti or traveling there is safe or not, or how are the road conditions in Ladakh or Spiti or are there any covid restrictions or rules we should keep in mind?

Here is the July updates on these questions to help you plan safe trip to Ladakh & Spiti.

Before we begin, let…

Uttrakhand Tourism — Thetravelglobal
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Uttarakhand is spread over 53484 square kilometers comprising 86% hilly and 65% forested areas. The Himalaya's snow peaks can be seen from most of the mountain areas. But these peaks are not always visible clearly what the right time to see them is? When to visit famous Char Dham in Uttarkhand which is the best time to visit.

Best Trekking Places in Himachal Pradesh India

Uttarakhand is primarily divided into two regions — Garhwal and Kumaon There is a slight difference between the languages ​​of both the regions. the language spoken in Garhwal is called Garhwali and in Kumaon —…

What is a Travel Credit Card
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What is a Travel Credit Card?

Travel Credit Card is a rewards card that assists you with acquiring free travel. Accomplish tip top part status with inns and carriers, and appreciate numerous other travel-related advantages.

Each traveler has novel needs for journey rewards. So consider what’s generally critical to you while picking a travel rewards charge card.

What are the advantages offered with the card?

Travel Visas or credit cards offer a wide scope of advantages. That can be profited by the credit cardholders while making the most of their vacation. From offering invite blessings to give complimentary air terminal parlor access and expense waivers.

Travel charge cards offer a wide assortment of highlights and advantages of providing food on the requirements of regular travelers.

For more details click here

Also, read How To Select Best Travel Insurance

Are you a travel enthusiast if so then you must be on travel whenever you get a vacation. Now have you thought of purchasing travel insurance currently or wonder how it would be beneficial for your vacation if not then think about it as this is the right time to think about travel insurance so that you can plan your next trip without any risk.

Today in this article post I am going to share information about travel insurance in India in detail here. …

The highest or tallest waterfall in the world is generally agreed to be Angel Falls, or Kerepakupai Merú, meaning ‘waterfall of the deepest place’, in Venezuela, which drop a reported 979 metres.

Angel Falls, Venezuela

The Victoria Falls, with its maximum drop of 105 metres, does not even make the top 100. It is not even the tallest waterfall in Zimbabwe, which is taken by Mutarazi Falls in the Eastern highlands, with a height of 479m. (There are also much taller falls in Africa – see our Waterfalls in Africa section for more information.)

There are technicalities in classification such…

Tourist Visa For USA From India

By now you will be familiar with the basic outline of the Tourist Visa For USA From India process. Here is a quick summary – You need to book your appointment well in advance, it’s a two-day process, and; there is biometric and document verification involved. But in this article, I’m going to be focusing on the last. And the most crucial part of this entire process which is the Visa interview.

So let’s jump right into it. When you go for your interview 99.99% of the time. This is the first question that you’re going to be asked.

“Why do you want to visit the United States of America”?


Top Beautiful Cities in America

America is known for its diversity and mixture of cultures. And keeping that in mind you can only imagine the beauty that lies within it. Traveling the world and exploring some of the most beautiful cities in America is an incredible journey.

It’s difficult to narrow down these stops to the top 15, but we’ve compiled such a list for you today.

The locations featured here today are known for their historic significance. Beautiful landmarks, diverse cultural events, breathtaking views, and astonishing architecture. But each city has something a little different than the last. …

Thailand The Destinations of views and Activities to do

“Visiting Thailand A travel guide” – Are you in pursuit of warm, sandy beaches, island hopping, and sweltering jungle treks? Or simply on a budget and in search of a destination rich in affordable adventures. No matter what kind of experience you’re seeking, Thailand, It has all. Not convinced? Then sit back, relax, and let us reveal why you should travel to Thailand in.

It’s no secret that Thailand is achingly beautiful, but you likely knew that already. So instead, let us begin by explaining what makes perfect. Thailand-bound traveller. While…

When it comes to booking airfares, there are plenty of options that will help you find the best flight. But, there’s a lot, and sometimes it can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So these are our favorite booking sites: each one has different tools, which will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. So get ready to bookmark the following pages: Bookmarking!

Start your search with, which taps into hundreds of sources to help you find the cheapest flight. Its simple design helps you compare or adjust dates and destinations. So if you’re flexible, you can save a lot of money. Their explore function is a blessing for free spirits. You just put in your budget and browse the world map to see how much bang you can get for your buck. You’ll be surprised by the results. You’ll be surprised about how good you feel at Men’s Warehouse. You’ll look good. I guarantee it. You’ll be surprised by the results.


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